Thursday, October 8, 2009

Love the Duggars! :)

Earlier this week I stayed home from work, sicker then I have been in awhile. This allowed me ample time to lie in bed and do nothing but watch TV. I was flipping channels and stopped when I got to TLC. 18 Kids and Counting was on...LOVE IT! I think it is incredible to see a family that loves the Lord and is willing to put their beliefs on the table the way this family does. They do not seem to censor themselves for fear that they will be ridiucled. They do not apologize for raising their children in a Godly manner. Amazing!

What has really been bothering me, however, is that when I went online to find out more information on the family there were thousands of negative articles, forums, comments, blogs, etc. about this family. The complaints ranged from "you are harming the environment with this many children leaving their carbon footprints; none of the children have special attention from mom and dad; the children do not have anything of their own; they are sheltered...etc."

Let me address some of those concerns (and feel free to comment if I am incorrect in my thinking): 1) They are harming the environment by having too many children-No. They buy secondhand clothes, shoes, cars, furniture, etc. when possible, thus eliminating waste on new products. They grow as many of their own fruits and veggies as possible. 2) They are not getting enough special attention from mom and dad-hmmm. How many of us grew up only seeing our parents in the evenings and on weekends when we weren't with friends? I would venture to say that most of us have. These children see their parents all the time and it is clear that Jim Bob and Michelle love all of them equally and are investing in their futures by teaching them great morals and work ethic. 3) The children do not have anything of their own-what is wrong with this? Of course, they have their own things; they just don't have a million of their own "things" like toys and clothes that kids from other families are accustomed to. I don't think there is anything wrong with this. They more than likely do not have a sense of entitlement to anything, which is helpful more than hurtful. If they want something, they know they must work for it/earn it. 4) They are sheltered-I don't think that these kids are necessarily sheltered. They are just not allowed to sit in front of the TV or computer all day. They are forced to interact with others and use their imaginations. I think this is more helpful to them in the long run than seeing the kind of trash that's on TV. Watching CSI when you are ten years old does not make you more "mature" or "worldy". It puts negative things in your head and clouds you from seeing anything positive. You can see enough sad things in the world without watching these shows.

One last thing-does anyone say anything about the women on welfare who have 12 children, no job, and no one to help them in the ways of a father? The people that we all pay taxes to support? NO. So, why is it so difficult to see a family that clearly loves one another and are learning great values succeed? Why is it difficult to see a family that does not need government assistance to feed, clothe, and shelter their children? Why must they be ostricized? Oh, right, because they are Christians.

Now, I will get off my soapbox. :) Basically, I just adore this family. Everytime I watch their show I am left with such a warm feeling in my heart and am challenged to strengthen my relationship with the Lord. I only hope that one day I can raise a family that has respectful, helpful, kind, God-loving children with a husband who exemplifies all of that. I think everyone should either watch an episode or Google the will be impressed, and hopefully, challenged as well!


  1. KANDIE!!!!!!!!!!!! I LITERALLY loooooooooove this show!!!! I'm NOT even kidding I haven't really figured out when they do reruns yet so every day or so I look up the show on the tv guide to see when it will play!!!!! :) Literally I agree 100% with EVERYTHING you have to say. What a GREAT family. Literally they follow the Lord and their hearts with every decision they make. The children are GREAT. I was just asking T.J. "why has one of the kids not rebelled?" It's not b/c their sheltered it's b/c their family is SO OPEN and everything that it's like they don't even want to you know? uuugh I don't even want to look up the family b/c I will get SO MAD reading negative comments about this family! LOVE THEM! :)

  2. Agreed! It made me so sad to read that so many people HATE them. How could you hate a family like that??? All of their kids will make their own money and not rely on anyone, as well as the fact that they all volunteer and help with the less I think the country will eventually owe them BIG TIME! :) I MISS YOU!!! Totally would have a Duggar watch party every week if you were here in OKC!!!!