Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To Do List!

My friend Tami initially gave me the idea of a "bucket list" of sorts...make a list of important things you want to accomplish (for one reason or another) by a certain date/time. Well, I have looked at many people's lists...and have come up with my own using a template I found. I have been working on this for about a week now, a little every day, and think I have made the best list I can. I am pretty excited about this. Some things seem like they will be easy (I just need to DO them) and others seem harder...but overall, I am excited about this and looking forward to it! I may call on some of you in my attempt to complete this list...

Ahhh! Almost forgot-the deadline! I would like to have this entire list completed by December 2010...

I will be blogging about each thing that I accomplish/finish. I will include pictures when applicable. I hope everyone enjoys following me on this little journey and I am looking forward to seeing how this goes!

Good for the Soul

1. Identify 15 things I like about myself (0/15)

2. Write down one good thing that happened each day for 30 days (0/30)

3. Make a list of 50 things that make me happy (0/50)

4. Write a letter to my younger self full of advice (Thanks, Brad Paisley!)

5. Watch the sunrise

6. Read my Bible every day for 30 days (0/30)

7. Read the entire Bible by December 2010

Good for Others

8.Donate to 3 charities (0/3)

9. Anonymously leave a Christmas card on a random person’s car with money inside

10. Send Good Mail 3 times (0/3)

11. Send a care package to a soldier ( www.anysoldier.com )

12. Donate 20 items to charity (0/20)

13. Donate books I’ve read and won’t read againGood for the Earth

14. Buy more canvas bags and keep some in the car

15. Use canvas bags for all local shopping

16. Drink no bottled water for 6 months straight (this means I will have to ALWAYS have my Camelbak bottle with me!)


17. Have a date night with Shane once a month for a year (0/12)

18. Go on a girl’s day with my female relatives

19. Have a spa day with my mom (may be the kickoff to my 6 months with no professional pedicure that’s further down the list!).


20. Lose 20 pounds (0/20)

21. Run for 45 minutes 3 days/week for 6 months (0/6)

22. Do workout DVD 2 days/week for 6 months (0/48)

23. Drink ½ body weight in ounces of water every day 7 days in a row x20 (0/7, 0/20)

24. Drink no pop for 30 consecutive days (0/30)

25. Eat one piece of fruit every day for a month (0/30)

26. Get 2 massages (0/2)

27. Get my eyes checked!!! (Hasn’t been done in 3 years!)

28. Get my cavities taken care of

29. Do 25 (good!) pushups in a row

30. Don’t eat after 7pm for 21 days (0/21)


31. Make a fun pillow or other craft that actually looks good!

32. Make an apron (love to bake…need an apron!)

33. Learn how to take better pictures with my cameraPersonal Challenges

34. Go 24 hours without TV once a week for 6 weeks (0/6)

35. Run a marathon (look out, April 2010-here I come!!!)

36. Be in bed by 9 pm every day for a month (0/30)

37. Be awake by 6:30am daily for one month (0/30)

38. Go six months without a professional pedicure (0/6) (sucks…but will save money!!)

39. Blog twice a week for 12 months (0/24)


40. Read at least 1 book/month for 12 months (0/12)

41. Go to a movie by myself (during the daytime for safety reasons J )

42. Reread Twilight series

43. Visit the zoo 4 times in a year (0/4)

44. Visit family in California

45. Go to a wine tasting

46. Go to the driving range twice (0/2)


47. Do laundry once a week

48. Go through clothes each fall and spring and donate unwanted clothing (0/2)

49. Donate all old college textbooks

50. Clean out and re-organize closet (if you have seen it lately, you know what I mean!)

51. Save everything on flash drive

52. Make a cleaning schedule

53. Follow cleaning schedule for 6 weeks (0/6)


54. Pay off all debt aside from school loans by August 2010

55. Pay off car by May 2010

56. Save at least $25 a month for 6 months (may be do-able by cutting out pedis! J )

57. Accrue NO more debt until credit card is paid off!! (Including furniture!)

58. Have 8 “no spend” weeks

59. No eating out for 1 month


60. Save $1 for every task I complete on this list! (That may just add up, friends!!!)

61. Donate $1 for every task NOT completed. (This could also add up!!!)

62. Send Christmas cards in 2009

63. Grow my hair out past my shoulder blades

64. Make a gingerbread house

65. Buy a pair of (real) pearl stud earrings (pay cash!)

66. Take $250 and get new clothes when 20 pounds have been dropped!

67. Make cupcakes for 4 consecutive holidays (0/4)

68. Make a pie from scratch

69. Learn how to make my own granola bars

70. Wear my new hat that I love…but am too afraid to wear in public! (Will post a picture when complete!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh, October!

That's right people...sick AGAIN. That makes twice for the month of October. The girl who NEVER gets sick, EVER, has been sick twice this month. Got all the symptoms of a cold/flu virus...chills, fever, aches, no desire to drink or eat anything...gah! Started yesterday during a meeting at work...literally in tears last night because I was in so much pain. Had to come into work today to get some things done...all hopped up on Ibuprofen. Fever is gone...aches are not as bad...planning on going home and getting in bed with some Ramen Noodles. Please pray that I get well and do not get sick again this season! So tired of it!

Also, came across a quote that I love, love LOVE: "She went out on a limb, Had it break behind her, and Discovered she could fly." So random, but I loved it and wanted to share it! :)

On another note...I am looking for a new church home. I think it is time to retire Capital Hill for awhile. So many things in my life have changed and I just don't feel like it is the best fit for me anymore. So, I am planning on visiting a few new ones to see if there is anything out there that I think will minister to me. So scary to think that I may be going to a new church (I have been at Capital Hill my entire life) but I am ready for it. I know that I am not getting what I need where I am right now...I can barely bring myself to even go anymore. It is time for a change. The past couple of months have been so hard, for a couple of different reasons (which I won't get into on here). I know it is time for me to take the reigns in my life. Scary, but so exciting :) Please pray that I will be able to find a new church home!

Sorry for yet another random post...but I like to think of this blog as my journal...whatever is going on in my head and life will be posted here :) Hopefully others can laugh at, learn from, and enjoy the craziness that seems to be my life!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wonderful Weekend...and a Survey, Too!

This weekend was great! Very fun and relaxing all at the same time...Friday, Shane and I ate dinner and watched "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" :) Hey! It was on FreeZone and we are trying to save money LOL...we also went to Target to get a housewarming gift for our friends Cory and Erika who just bought a beautiful new house in Newcastle-so nice!! Then Saturday, I watched the OU game at my aunt Susie's house...UH-MAAAAY-ZING food!! Then, Shane and I went to Jon and Tahna's for dinner and a movie...we watched their two sweet children, Breyden (who is pictured in an earlier post of mine) and Noah play Guitar Hero...so cute!! Then Sunday, it was off to see Cory and Erika's house-loved it! Had a great time with friends and enjoying their new place! We went to the park and got 4.5 miles of running in...we would have maybe gone another mile and a half...but the Oklahoma wind thought otherwise!! Overall, a great weekend with beautiful weather!

Today, I decided to do a survey...this one has been going around in the blogging sphere for the Harvest of Friends party! :) Enjoy!

1. What is your favorite thing to snack on while you're blogging?
I am usually blogging on my lunch hour at work...so whatever food I brought that day...my favorite is usually pickles :)

2. What is one thing you wouldn't want to live without?
Electricity...those surviving the OKC ice storm a couple years back know what I mean :)

3. Beach, Mountains or Farm? Where would you live if you had a choice?
Most definitely a farm!!! Love horses and would love to have a bunch of land.

4. What's your least favorite chore/household duty?
Cleaning showers and stoves...sometimes dusting or vacuuming.

5. Who do people say you remind them of?
It is a split between Tiffany Amber Thiessen (Yes, Kelly from Saved By the Bell!) and Kelly Clarkson...I get both of those all the time!

6. Prefer parties and socializing or staying at home with the fam?
Staying at home with the family, for sure!! Not much of a partier...

7. What's your all time favorite movie?
Oh gosh...just ONE?? Probably Clueless or Edward Scissorhands or Father of the Bride or Christmas Vacation. I TRIED HARD to pick just one...couldn't do it :)

8. Do you sleep in your make up or remove it like a good girl every night?
Wash it off every single night...

9. Do you have a hidden talent or a deep desire to learn something that you've never had a chance to learn? What is it?
I would love to learn to dance...I dance all the time...around my room...in public to embarrass whoever is with me...but I would love to learn it in a studio and then perform...

10. What's one strange thing you're really good at?
LOL! Doing a "Meatwad" impersonation. He is a character from the animated series "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", which I would watch during my first year of college...go look him up on YouTube, then call me and ask me to do an impersonation. I PROMISE you will not be disappointed ;)

11. What first attracted you to your spouse?
Well, I am not married to Shane...but I was first attracted to his attitude...he was my waiter at Outback on my birthday and was seriously the sweetest, funniest guy...

12. What is something you love to smell?
Anything that reminds me of fall...cinnamon, apple cider, anything like that!

13. Tell something about you that you know irritates people.
I talk really loud!

14. When you have extra money (HA!) what's the first thing you think to do with it?

15. Are you a silent laugher or a loud laugher? What makes you laugh the hardest?
I am a loud laugher...Shane saying "I won duh money!!! Duh money is mine!!!" makes me absolutely crack up...he says it in the funniest voice and makes a hilarious face!

16. Where is your favorite place to shop?
Ross...I like cheap stuff!

17. What's one thing you'd do more often if you had more time?

18. Are you a big spender or frugal?
Frugal...I find it fun to be good with my money...Gah, I am SO weird!!!

19. Who is your favorite character of all time (from a movie or book)? (Can't be real)
Book-Alice Cullen from "Twilight" such a dreamer, so sweet, precious character! Movie-Clark Griswold in any National Lampoon movies!

20. Would you want to be famous?
NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. You could not pay me enough to endure what they do...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting Older...

It is strange how God calls certain things to your attention...

As I was reading my friend Kelly's post about turning 24, I started thinking...I am getting OLD! I am only 6 months older than her...but in the last year, I have noticed small signs that I am actually getting older.

-I have bought SEVERAL anti-aging/anti-wrinkle products (thanks, brow furrows and crow's feet!)
-I am gaining weight at a rapid rate (thanks, slowing metabolism!)
-I am more concerned with "saving for my future" than buying the "latest thing"
-I am closely watching my 401k (I have a 401k!!!! That should be the first aging sign :) )
-I go to bed by ten pm EVERY NIGHT (weekends included!)!!!
-I can't sleep past 7 am (again, weekends included!)
-I look forward to cleaning my room (oh wait, I have ALWAYS looked forward to that!)

All of the above have caused me some level of concern...but why am I so afraid of getting older? What is so bad about it? When I was young, I couldn't wait to be an adult; now that I am an adult, I want to be young...Just like if you have curly hair then you want straight hair and if you have straight hair then you want curly hair :) I need to stop stressing...and simply focus on the fun things that my future may hold! I shouldn't be as worried as I am...I should just enjoy the moment and not let it pass by.

I was curious what the Bible had to say about my fear of aging...and found the following verse:

Psalms 71: 17-18 Since my youth, O God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds. Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come.

I should stop worrying about growing older and focus on things of more significance. Of course, I need to take care of my appearance, etc...but I have been letting that hinder me...worries over wrinkles, money, etc., have been stumbling blocks for me. They are always in the back of my head, tearing me down and distracting me from other things. I hope that I am not the only one who is this worried over getting older and I hope this post doesn't seem strange :) I just hope that this can be a wake-up call for me so that I can begin to remedy my thought process and not "down" the situation God has put me in, but instead rejoice in it! Getting older will be fun...can't wait for senior citizen discounts! ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday Fun!

Yesterday was a great day...work was good, the weather was drizzly and very "fall"...my hairdresser did a GREAT job on my cut and color...and the "Granduggar" special was all I had hoped it would be :) Mackynzie Renee Duggar is super cute and her mom is a champ: at-home birth with no medication or even a doctor present (the doctor was out of town and Anna went into labor a little sooner than expected...hello, having a baby at home!)! One tough girl, in my books! She and Josh Duggar's relationship challenges me so much for my future marriage. I am starting to pray now for whoever God is preparing for me...I don't know who it will be (maybe Shane, maybe not-SO totally have NO desire to be married for at least 3 years!) but they have to love the Lord as much as I do. Thank you, Josh and Anna, for challenging me!

On another note: I was driving to work last week and two days in a row, I heard the same song...it is called "Untitled Hymn" by Chris Rice. I love this song so much. It totally speaks to my heart...it has been around for awhile, but I had not heard it in a long time. I think it is no coincidence that I heard it two mornings in a row :) God is so good and sometimes we need to be reminded that he is there for every single thing in our life that we need him for...times of trial, times of sadness, times of happiness...here are the lyrics. Every time I hear this song, I end up singing and bawling my eyes out...I love my God!!!

Weak and wounded sinner Lost and left to die
O, raise your head, for love is passing by
Come to Jesus
Come to Jesus
Come to Jesus and live!
Now your burden's lifted
And carried far away
And precious blood has washed away the stain, so
Sing to Jesus
Sing to Jesus
Sing to Jesus and live!
And like a newborn baby
Don't be afraid to crawl
And remember when you walk
Sometimes we fall...so
Fall on Jesus
Fall on Jesus
Fall on Jesus and live!
Sometimes the way is lonely
And steep and filled with pain
So if your sky is dark and pours the rain, then
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus and live!
O, and when the love spills over
And music fills the night
And when you can't contain your joy inside, then
Dance for Jesus
Dance for Jesus
Dance for Jesus and live!
And with your final heartbeat
Kiss the world goodbye
Then go in peace, and laugh on Glory's side, and
Fly to Jesus
Fly to Jesus
Fly to Jesus and live!
If that song does not move you to worship your Heavenly Father...then something may be wrong. :) I so feel like I am in the place of the song where it says "When the love spills over, and music fills the night, and when you can't contain your joy inside then dance for Jesus". There are just those times when you feel the Lord is doing a work in your life, you may not even know the reason, but he is at work! Well, he is up to something in my heart and all I want to do is share it! So, my blogs will probably have some snippet of what He is doing in my life right now. I hope everyone who reads can get something from it. If any of you need anything...prayer, someone to talk to...please don't hesitate! I would love to know how I can pray for people individually.

Anyhooooo...I hope everyone has a terrific fall afternoon!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Recent Pictures

Lunchtime blogging is addictive :) Here are some pictures that I found on my phone and wanted to share because they are great!

Me and my mom...my aunt actually took this, but I thought it was funny...look how skinny my mom is...she has had TWO kids...I need to workout.

My dad when he was little-I took this from a scrapbook at my grandpa's house :) If you look close, you can see the huge headphones he is wearing!
Shane's Aunt Michelle and I-girls' night out! We danced our little hearts out that night and had SO much fun. Love her!

Me, dancing with the sun man lifeguard at Lake Murray :)

Penny, Shane's grandparents' dog-she stuck her head through the chair bag's drawstring! So cute!

My new bedroom furniture, although you can only see the bed and a nightstand :)
Precious Breyden (Shane's friends' daughter)-we celebrated her 8th birthday at Incredible Pizza and had SO much fun! She modeled her new "Justice" (super cute little girls clothing store) clothes for me.
Serioulsy, how does a frog NOT move when they hear a garage door coming down? Have we discovered that frogs might be deaf? My mom crushed the lil' guy. He croaked...for the last time. (Sorry, had to make a joke about it!)
Sweet Kya-Shane's cousin and Michelle's daughter-trying on mom's false eyelashes :)
My little Halloween decorations on my desk at the office-LOVE bobbleheads!
Another girls' night out with Tami and Cheryl, downtown! These ladies are SO very special to me!

Ok, I hope that was not too random :) Had to get the pictures off my phone and show them off. It is interesting how random and fun life is...and it can all be seen on a cell phone. Love technology! If you have any fun, random pictures from your phones...post them! I would love to see what everyone else has going on in their lives :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Perfect Fall Weekend

So, it is Monday again...and I forgot to bring a frozen Lean Cuisine meal for lunch :( So instead, I will blog about my great weekend and the things that I am excited about for the next week!
Friday-work was great...stayed steadily busy, had Taco Bueno for lunch, then went over to Shane's and ate "junk food" (pizza rolls, hot pockets, wings, taquitos, sugar cookies) and rented "Bride Wars" and "Observe and Report" from RedBox. When Shane and I rent from ReBox, we each get to choose and movie and make the other sit through our pick; you can guess who chose what movie this weekend ;) Both were good, although I would actually watch "Bride Wars" again. So cute! Went home early, slept great.
Saturday...slept in...went to Basket Market with my madre and picked out a few cute little things for Halloween and Thanksgiving for my office...then went to Bueno for lunch...the $1 Jewelry Galore! in Moore-love that store! Got three cute necklaces and a pair of sunglasses. Then back to Shane's for more junk food and football/movies. Again, home early, slept great.
Sunday...slept in again...woke up, went to Wal-Mart to get ingredients for Cool Whip cookies...over to Shane's...cooked amazing grilled cheese and tomato soup...football...nap...Bridezillas!!! Again, home early...but slept terrible!
So, here we are and it is Monday and time to start another week :)
Looking forward to: Running tonight, hair appointment tomorrow and the 90 MINUTE (!!!!) special on the new "GranDuggar", family dinner with Shane's family Wednesday night, "Toddlers & Tiaras" and "King of the Crown"...then OU/TEXAS watchparty Saturday at my aunt's house with Shane and the rest of my family!!!! Absolutely cannot wait...also looking forward to the weather this week, the new AVON spa slippers I ordered and got in today :)
I hope everyone else had a great weekend and will have a great week! I will post again later this week :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Okay, so I have decided that I will try to post at least once a week on my lunch hour at work. I try not to be on my computer at all when I am at home unless absolutely necessary. I have so many ideas for blogs...so many things I want to talk about. Mostly, they are things that I see throughout my day or things that I hear that I think are relevant and will help others. I also want to document my life right now. I will never be in this place again and want to have it recorded :) I have been TERRIBLE about posting anything, since basically this summer. Hopefully, I will be better if I set a goal for myself. I hope that anyone who reads this enjoys it! Be sure to comment whenever you feel like it! Thanks!
Also, here are some fun, recent pictures!

Tami and I at the PEO picnic!

Kirstin and I at her rehearsal dinner! She is sporting the test run for her hair (that I did for the wedding!)

Kirstin and I dancing at the wedding! Beautiful bride!

Erica and i busting a move! :) Favorite picture of the night! Hilarious!

Love the Duggars! :)

Earlier this week I stayed home from work, sicker then I have been in awhile. This allowed me ample time to lie in bed and do nothing but watch TV. I was flipping channels and stopped when I got to TLC. 18 Kids and Counting was on...LOVE IT! I think it is incredible to see a family that loves the Lord and is willing to put their beliefs on the table the way this family does. They do not seem to censor themselves for fear that they will be ridiucled. They do not apologize for raising their children in a Godly manner. Amazing!

What has really been bothering me, however, is that when I went online to find out more information on the family there were thousands of negative articles, forums, comments, blogs, etc. about this family. The complaints ranged from "you are harming the environment with this many children leaving their carbon footprints; none of the children have special attention from mom and dad; the children do not have anything of their own; they are sheltered...etc."

Let me address some of those concerns (and feel free to comment if I am incorrect in my thinking): 1) They are harming the environment by having too many children-No. They buy secondhand clothes, shoes, cars, furniture, etc. when possible, thus eliminating waste on new products. They grow as many of their own fruits and veggies as possible. 2) They are not getting enough special attention from mom and dad-hmmm. How many of us grew up only seeing our parents in the evenings and on weekends when we weren't with friends? I would venture to say that most of us have. These children see their parents all the time and it is clear that Jim Bob and Michelle love all of them equally and are investing in their futures by teaching them great morals and work ethic. 3) The children do not have anything of their own-what is wrong with this? Of course, they have their own things; they just don't have a million of their own "things" like toys and clothes that kids from other families are accustomed to. I don't think there is anything wrong with this. They more than likely do not have a sense of entitlement to anything, which is helpful more than hurtful. If they want something, they know they must work for it/earn it. 4) They are sheltered-I don't think that these kids are necessarily sheltered. They are just not allowed to sit in front of the TV or computer all day. They are forced to interact with others and use their imaginations. I think this is more helpful to them in the long run than seeing the kind of trash that's on TV. Watching CSI when you are ten years old does not make you more "mature" or "worldy". It puts negative things in your head and clouds you from seeing anything positive. You can see enough sad things in the world without watching these shows.

One last thing-does anyone say anything about the women on welfare who have 12 children, no job, and no one to help them in the ways of a father? The people that we all pay taxes to support? NO. So, why is it so difficult to see a family that clearly loves one another and are learning great values succeed? Why is it difficult to see a family that does not need government assistance to feed, clothe, and shelter their children? Why must they be ostricized? Oh, right, because they are Christians.

Now, I will get off my soapbox. :) Basically, I just adore this family. Everytime I watch their show I am left with such a warm feeling in my heart and am challenged to strengthen my relationship with the Lord. I only hope that one day I can raise a family that has respectful, helpful, kind, God-loving children with a husband who exemplifies all of that. I think everyone should either watch an episode or Google the family...you will be impressed, and hopefully, challenged as well!