Monday, December 28, 2009

Things To Check Off the List! (and Christmas, too!)

So, first things first...Over the Christmas break I was able to get a couple of things on my list done...mail out Christmas cards and re-organize my closet. Both were big tasks!! I tried to write a message in every card that was personalized...and that takes awhile when you are sending out 25 cards!! :) Also, I cleaned out my closet...this was a good thing. I found several items I had been looking for (namely, a scarf that I LOVE!) and some other things. The closet looks so much better than before! I can actually see everything in there now! So, two items down, 68 more to go!
Christmas was different this year...thanks to the first real Oklahoma blizzard I can recall, Christmas Eve at our house was canceled...this was so upsetting to me! Every year, that is the one day I look forward to the that day more than anything! So, thanks, Oklahoma weather system for ruining that day with family. Travel the rest of the weekend was crazy, but we somehow car finally was dug out of the snow yesterday so I could make it to work today. Oh, how I love driving on ice...terrible at it! Scares me to death :) Also, Christmas Eve morning, Grandma Opal fell and broke her hip, wrist, and hit her head...time was spent in the ER...during the blizzard. So scary for our entire family! Luckily, she is doing OK today and had surgery to put a pin in her hip Saturday night. Pray that she continues to heal!
On a good note...I did get a beautiful 32" HD TV...flat panel...built in DVD...and a whole bunch more hook-ups that my brother was excited about that I will probably never use :) Love it! So much nicer than my little 13" TV with a built in VCR! Yup, you read it right...I still have/had a VHS tape player...mhm! Still watched movies on it, too!
Overall, Christmas was good...sad that we couldn't spend it with family as we would have liked and sad that Grandma took a tumble...but good that the whole family was generally safe and still made a Merry Christmas despite the rough weather! Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Better Late Than Never!

So, it has been awhile since I have blogged...things have been so busy this month. I am realizing that I need to get started on my "to do" list that I have posted in my blog! I still have to send out Christmas cards this year, and leave a card with money inside on a random person's excited to do that! I hope that even the little amount that I will be able to put in the card will bless the person that receives it.
I am planning on taking care of #50 (I believe...can't remember the exact number) this weekend. I have several days off from work and will be focusing on getting everything cleaned out and organized! Maybe I can even take care of donating my clothing...I am so excited to get going! :)