Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Recent Pictures

Lunchtime blogging is addictive :) Here are some pictures that I found on my phone and wanted to share because they are great!

Me and my mom...my aunt actually took this, but I thought it was funny...look how skinny my mom is...she has had TWO kids...I need to workout.

My dad when he was little-I took this from a scrapbook at my grandpa's house :) If you look close, you can see the huge headphones he is wearing!
Shane's Aunt Michelle and I-girls' night out! We danced our little hearts out that night and had SO much fun. Love her!

Me, dancing with the sun man lifeguard at Lake Murray :)

Penny, Shane's grandparents' dog-she stuck her head through the chair bag's drawstring! So cute!

My new bedroom furniture, although you can only see the bed and a nightstand :)
Precious Breyden (Shane's friends' daughter)-we celebrated her 8th birthday at Incredible Pizza and had SO much fun! She modeled her new "Justice" (super cute little girls clothing store) clothes for me.
Serioulsy, how does a frog NOT move when they hear a garage door coming down? Have we discovered that frogs might be deaf? My mom crushed the lil' guy. He croaked...for the last time. (Sorry, had to make a joke about it!)
Sweet Kya-Shane's cousin and Michelle's daughter-trying on mom's false eyelashes :)
My little Halloween decorations on my desk at the office-LOVE bobbleheads!
Another girls' night out with Tami and Cheryl, downtown! These ladies are SO very special to me!

Ok, I hope that was not too random :) Had to get the pictures off my phone and show them off. It is interesting how random and fun life is...and it can all be seen on a cell phone. Love technology! If you have any fun, random pictures from your phones...post them! I would love to see what everyone else has going on in their lives :)

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