Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5K Fun!

On Saturday, June 13th, I ran a 5K...after only having trained for one week...and not running for 4 months before that! :) I ran the Downtown Dash at the urging of my parents who have turned into little runners themselves. We ran with Mike and Debbie Ross, Rob, Cheryl, and Logan Ross, and Kelly Ross (T.J. was recovering from an injusry, so the poor guy had to sit out, resigned to filming us all crossing the finish line). Overall, the run was GREAT! We all had so much fun and did pretty well! Logan one second place in the Girls' 9 yr-12 yr group, finishing at 27 minutes!!! Way to go, Logan!!! The run really motivated me to keep running and not quit anymore! I always tell myself I will do races...and then don't run for 6 months after! Not this time-I'm going to keep going!

Kelly and I after the race! We were SO sweaty!!!

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  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay :) love your blog and love your pics!!! we rock ;)