Thursday, January 28, 2010

That's Oklahoma For Ya!

So, yesterday was mostly sunny...and in the 50s. Absolutely gorgeous! Today is a totally different story...20s and sleeting! The roads have been a mess since this morning and will more than likely be a mess through the day tomorrow as well. I have been working from home all day...which is much harder then it seems! I have to get used to my dad's laptop: brand new and so nice, but set up completely different than my work computer...took twice as long to do a report that I normally turn out pretty quickly!
I am all caught up on my Bible readings for the week...and need to finish Harry Potter-I am halfway through and plan on picking it up after my five miler on the treadmill tonight! Can't wait!
So, there it is-my second post for the week :) I'm getting better at this thing ;)

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